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Tim began in journalism before becoming a producer on Tomorrow’s World and Horizon. At the BBC he created the landmark and multi-BAFTA and Emmy award winning Walking with Dinosaurs series in 1998, followed by sequel Walking with Beastsand drama The Lost World. Impossible Pictures was established in 2002 under Tim’s leadership and would go on to make a wide range of much-loved specialist factual and drama programmes for BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Discovery and Nat Geo that included Sea Monsters, Prehistoric Park, Primeval, Space Odyssey, Sinbad and Blitz Street. Since 2013 Tim has been creative director of ITV Studios Drama responsible for Beowulf and The Loch. As creative director of Immersive Escapes he also produced the Dinosaurs in the Wild immersive experience which, after delighting audiences in the UK, is currently opening in Saudi Arabia.

Tim Haines

Creative Director & CEO
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