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Loud Minds produces premium content from unscripted specialist factual to scripted drama, aimed at TV and digital audiences everywhere.

Having mastered cutting edge creative technologies there is no limit to realizing Loud Minds creative vision on any platform.

Loud Minds is more than a production company.  We create world class, cross-platform, global entertainment brands.

About us

Loud Mind’s creators are behind many global hit shows like Walking With Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts, Sinbad, Primeval, Prehistoric Park, Dinosaurs In The Wild, Earthstorm, The Loch,  Richard Hammond’s How To Build A Planet and now Surviving Earth a high-end co-production with NBCU telling the stories of several of the Earth’s most dramatic extinction level events and the creatures that lived there.

Example Shows

Walking with Dinosaurs

BBC + DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Tim Haines : Creator and Series Producer

The much-loved Walking with Dinosaurs series was the highest rated programme ever for Discovery and 2nd highest rated documentary ever for the BBC. The series won 2 BAFTAs and 3 Emmys and its sequels (that included Walking with Beasts, Walking with Monsters, Ballad of Big Al and Sea Monsters) received a further 3 BAFTAs and 8 Emmys, along with many other international awards. 

'A Television Classic' - THE TIMES

The brand generated revenues of > $1Bn with high levels of profitability

Set the global standard for CGI story telling for TV

Distributed to >200 countries

Viewed by an audience of >1Bn 

Spawned 8 further related series

Generated incremental revenues from after-market sales and merchandising;

including, books, games, toys, streaming sales, feature film

Most popular live show globally two years running. Ran for >10 years


ITV + BBC America. Tim Haines : Creator and Series Producer





Primeval was a prime-time hit with a legion of dedicated fans, running for 5 series. It was the 2nd highest launch (at the time) on BBC America and had its own spin-off series Primeval: New World.

'Primeval is terrifically good fun, nostalgic and modern at the same time .. I love it to pieces'


Dinosaurs in the Wild Live Action Experience

Tim Haines : Creator and Series Producer

"As convincing as 'Jurassic Park', and no doubt more accurate



SKY 1.  Tim Haines: Executive Producer





Sinbad was the highest rated original drama series for Sky1

'SKY's best original drama to date' - TV WISE

Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

BBC + DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Tim Haines : Executive Producer




" The production's devotion to realism and technical accuracy is virtually unmatched by any previous movie' - THE SPACE REVIEW

The Loch

ITV. Tim Haines : Executive Producer



'Enthralling from the first underwater scene'


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